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Pour plus d’informations visitez le site Internet du ranch : www.ranchdediabat.com


Fancy a horse or camel output?

Diabat is a small village located 3 km from Essaouira It is located near the new golf Mogador Essaouira. Diabat Ranch is a family business that has existed for 15 years, she decorates your getaway between land and sea along the beach in Essaouira. Diabat is famous because in this ancient village is past Jimi Hendrix.
The ranch has chosen to work with horses or Berber Beards for their docile temperament. It offers several options for equestrian outings to satisfy its customers, it goes from an hour walk (approximately € 18) to bivouac excursions to discover the Essaouira region.
All these outputs are riding with a maximum of 6 people. The ranch offers riding lessons for the uninitiated, some ballads are accessible to people who come riding for the first time and outputs a camel for the less adventurous. Many excursions are initially ranch Diabat. It is possible to go for a day picnic or make an output of several days with bivouacs.
The welcome is warm and excursions are really worth to be done, you’re sure to keep a very good memory.